Kia Kamgar | Kia Kamgar | Pro-Active Freelance IT System Administrator & Apple Consultant. Helping small to medium sized businesses to overcome their IT dilemmas.

I've been an Apple system administrator for over 25 years, helping small to medium sized businesses (as well as home users) with all of their IT issues. This ranges from simple installations of new or existing hardware/software to creating the perfect tailor made solutions that are powerful, yet so simple to use. I like to build long lasting relationships with all my clients so there is never any need for faceless contact. You always get me at the end of the phone if ever there is an issue.

What I can do for your business

My main goal is to better your working practices when it comes to your IT requirements. So whether you're a small or medium sized business, a ZZP'er that works at home or on the road, or a professional that works away from your office, I'm sure I can answer all your questions and find the perfect solution to help your productivity.

What do my clients say?

My client portfolio, since I starten my consultancy business here in The Netherlands in 2007, is around 6000 and that number grows daily. There is no way of keeping that many clients happy without being productive, efficient and advising on the right solution for their needs. I have a special relationship with all my clients, and that has helped tremendously. I like to think that I provide the best service and attention possible for my clients.

Professional solutions

Pro-Active business IT support

What does Pro-Active support mean? There are many ways a system administrator can help you. We have been around as long as computers have made it into our lives. But having to wait for our system to break first then calling the guy is the wrong way of doing things. My Pro-Active solution helps prevent the issues from happening in the first place. I install an alert application in place on your system to help me get to the root of any issue before it becomes a problem.

Remote support for your Mac or OS X Server

When you have an issue with your system, or OS X Server, there isn't always time to find a solution in a snap. That's why I offer a remote support solution for just that scenario. It can help get your system up and running again without waiting for an engineer to come to your location. Often issues can be resolved with a simple Remote support session. This can also help if your staff have issues with their Macs.

Managed IT service provider (MSP)

Businesses and professionals require their IT infrastructure to be live and working at all times. Finding the right MSP to overlook that task can be quite an undertaking in itself. That's why I can take over the task and oversee all your requirements at a schedule that's tailor made for you or your business. Why wait for a problem to happen? Why not have a professional take over your IT in the right manner.

Apple Hardware and software pre-purchase advice

Whether it's a Mac, an OX Server or any external peripheral, I always advise my clients to buy direct as this helps with licensing and keeps your finance department happy as they know where the money is going. But the issue remains: "What should I buy for my business?!" This is where I can advise you. So you won't ever have any issue with upscaling in the future. I can also help liaise with your vendors to make sure the ordered equipment meets all your requirements before taking delivery.

Apple IT system installations

Once your equipment arrives I'll be available to help install both the hardware and the software. I will work to your specifications as discussed in our initial meetings. I will ensure that the network cables (if needed) will been installed by qualified engineers, the WiFi access points setup and all servers working. All while being monitored 24/7 by me. So all that is required by you after installation is to get on with running your business.

Apple business CRM systems

I often find that businesses start small but as they grow and expand their business software doesn't always grow with them. I have been a Daylite user and Filemaker database programmer for many years, so I can help with the right solution to fit your current and future business plans. I am an avid productivity geek and can show you 'how I work' as a way of realising your business potential and help your company move forward with the right guidance.

Staff training and workshops

Training can be arranged for you or your staff as required. I can help with group, workshop or one-to-one sessions for any IT related training your company might have. If you have a specific request please get in touch so we can go through the details and arrange a time and date to have a meeting to discuss your requirements.

Apple Mac repairs and upgrades

For many years I have been an Apple engineer where I have repaired thousands of Macs and OS X Servers. So if there is ever an issue with your IT system, I can evaluate the situation and get the unit fixed so there's no waiting to get your systems back up and running. I also can help advise on the right upgrades if ever necessary.

Freelance Apple IT consultant

Is your organisation in need of a system administrator? Does your IT department need help with their maintenance duties and are short staffed? If you're looking for a system administrator for a temporary period then I can assist. I'm available to also do out of hours tasks if needed. Get in touch with your project and we can setup a meeting to discuss the project.

Get in touch

Let's have a meeting to discuss the details of your project. I'm pretty flexible with my time, as long as I'm not working on another project, so give me a call or send me an email below.

+31 6 8191 3735

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