I was never a fan of any online backup services for my Mac until…

I was never a fan of any online backup services for my Mac until…

My client and friends all know that I’m not a fan of having my data (or client’s data) online, specially in todays climate of privacy violations and snooping.

I have a very healthy fear of people looking at my personal (and not so personal) data. Even my client’s data is secure on my own hosted server with all back doors closed.

So when my clients ask for a backup solution that is safe, secure and has a minimum of fuss I have always advised against online backup services due to costs, speeds and most of all security.

Until now…

After speaking with several people in the IT industry, members of the ACN and doing my own background check on some online backup companies one stood out.

And that service is called Backblaze. (download link)

My peers have been using the service for a while as I shunned online backup services, but after doing further checks into the security of their services I found myself downloading their tool and testing it out on one of my test iMacs.

They even have the ability to set your very own private keys, a big bonus!

I have to say it works really well! Fast and only $5 per month for unlimited data backup! That’s just a no brainer!

They also have other packages and have discounted prices if you sign up for a longer period.

The tests I’ve done have proven to be pretty good, so I think I will start to recommend the service to my clients.

If anyone needs a secure, safe and cost-effective way to have an offline backup for their Macs and OS X Servers then I would highly recommend them.

Check out their website: www.backblaze.com.