Small review of the 2Do app I use to run my business and personal life

2Do is one of a handful of apps I use to run my life, my business and keeps me sane.

I have used the 2Do on iOS from the start but never got into ‘tasks’ in my professional life nor personally although I often tried nothing I did seemed to make things work in the right way for me, until…

Until I got try busy with my Consultancy firm and things kept slipping my mind personally too, and my friends and family getting a little annoyed with my laps in all thing memory related.

So I took to the Internet & App store and looked around for ways of clearing my head. I looked time and time again for the right todo app and ways of keeping things in order. I bought 10’s of apps and spent €100’s of Euros on getting the right solution, overtime I though I found ‘the one’ i was really disappointed with the results.I just couldn’t seem to find a way to melding this new system to the way I worked, then I came across the David Allen GTD methodology. At first glance it looked as though it made things even more complicated that it needed to be! As people are ware, I’m a ‘Simple’ type, I like to do things in the least possible steps with the most impact.

GTD what?!

GTD is another animal in itself and I won’t get into it too much here, but lets just say it will work for some, for other is’ll be just complicating things, and other might take a little way from the system and use it ‘their way’ and the latter was me.

I find watching Youtube videos, reading articles and learning systems are all well and good but they never account for the way you would use a system or app.

Finding the right app

Anyway, again back to the App store to find the ‘right app’ for my task using GTD. I found a few, again bought them and again was disappointed on various levels.

They either lacked the Sync capability, the ease of use or were just plain complicated and yet again I was back to loosing thoughts and time.

For some reason I left the 2Do app and never looked back to it, not sure why, I think the first version were just way to complicated but the UI needed work and felt is wasn’t too ‘pro’ for what I required.

Then I realised they had changed the UI, UX and Sync! WOAH! let me check this out again, I though. I wasn’t disappointed!

More testing

During the testing period I was swayed to try out other (more expensive!) apps and again with the GTD methodology, and after a shot time I went back to the 2Do app after getting [some] refunds from the more expensive app companies.

One things about 2Do that is without doubt my personal favourite feature is the Sync function! This thing works as advertised! Without any issues!

Cloud sync

People and clients who knows know that I’m not a fan of having my data all over the cloud [oh man how I HATE that word! It’s the internet lets call it that!] This app Syncs your info with any Internet service you are comfortable with, and without ANY issues!

I personally use my very own OS X Server using CalDav so EVERYTHING I put into the app is private and never leave my personal walled garden!

This ensures that all the data I put in there, and I’m not taking about grocery lists, having to buy the right socks for that holiday etc. I’m talking about client information and sensitive info you don’t want prying eyes to ever have the chance to look at.

Also I never have to worry with ‘cloud’ services going down, being hacked or having a service blackout!


2Do has so many functions that I can’t believe they managed to get this app to do so much in a small package…

– Searching
– Tags
– Recurring tasks
– Groups
– Smart lists
– Inbox (GTD)
– Works with your own CalDav server (How they have managed this is magical!)
– Sync across all devices, even the Mac app!
– Location task alerts
– Connection to Apple Calendar to see events
– 3D Touch support
– and much much more..!

Here’s to hoping they do the same magic with the Apple Contacts app!

I have placed this review on the Mac & iOS app stores for version 2.1 & 3.7.1 respectively. They also have a iPad version.

2Do icon by Artua Via. Dribble